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Healthy pet food for cats and dogs

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Our love for animals, respect for the enviroment and our history, has led us to be what we are today...



We create foods with formulations at the vanguard, to favour the healt of dogs and cats.



The secret of Nova Foods nutrition, lies in its simplicity, quality and innovation. Products which are superior in nutritional quality, tanks to the help of modern technology, and which are also created with every need in mind.



"Italianess", respect for the enviroment, with ingredients self-produced and at zero kilometres and no experimentation on animals: this is Nova Foods.

The principles of Nova Foods

The secret of the Nova Foods pet foods lies in their simplicity, quality and innovation. These are products, which, thanks to the use of the most modern technology, offer superior-quality nutrition, tailored to each and every need.

Our love for animals, respect for nature, as well as our particular history, has led us to be who we are today…


Italianess, respect for the environment, with ingredients produced in-house, and no experimentation on animals: this is Nova Foods.

Since 1991, Nova Foods has introduced pet foods for dogs and cats in formulations with an elevated content of fresh, deboned poultry meat, which has not been frozen, by means of its Trainer brand. We create pet foods at the vanguard, which are rigorously cruelty-free and integrated with natural, functional ingredients, and which ensure the well-being and equilibrium of our animals. The high quality of the raw materials we use, ensures products which are highly digestible, and which have an exemplary aroma and genuineness. We cover a 360° range of the market request, with over 300 products, which respond to the needs of consumers, veterinarians and breeders.


  1. Implementing management systems based on business efficient Processes and focused on meeting:
    • Customer and consumers satisfaction
    • Manufacture and distribution of safe products for pets
    • Prevention and minimisation of the significant aspects and impacts we may generate on the environment
    • Prevention of potential and actual incidents and accidents involving our employees

  2. Establishing Objectives and Goals which challenge us to continually improve our performance with respect to our Customers, Consumers, Shareholders, Suppliers, Food Safety, the Environment and the safety of our own and subcontracted personnel.

  3. Fulfilling all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities as well as those Sectorial good practices and guidelines we adhere to.

  4. Periodically reviewing the effectiveness of the implemented systems and derived objectives and targets in achieving our Vision and Mission.